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Karina Nyss




Warrior of Mount Tourmaline

This is a working title at the moment! However, I do quite like it and it utilises the reference material I have gathered. 


Here is a link to my Pinterest Board 

I am doing this because I really would like an excuse to make some personal work and have some fun with drawing again. The images i've gathered are literally just images I really love the look of and think would make exciting subject matter. I enjoy drawing the female form, in particular the head, so I wanted to find a way to make this ornate and exaggerated. I've picked a few images that give me ideas for pattern and others for colour and texture. I feel like if they look good together on the board, then I can work with this to get the right mood for my drawing. 

I've basically decided to put all the elements I like together, in the form of a headdress on a badass looking woman. The title I chose was from the Tourmaline image I found. I imagine her running a tribal village on a floating Tourmaline rock. 

The flesh tunnels in her ears became an important concept as I imagine these to be made from tourmaline from the mountain. Her hair is made from the plumage of a White Egret and there are heavy henna style tattoos on her face. It ended up reminding me a bit of Queen Amidala, so I thought i'd chuck in the Geisha lipstick for good measure, i'm going all out. I was thinking of using one of the caterpillar images as a type of neck brace/necklace.

The images i've uploaded show variations of this. At the moment i'm not sure which one to choose. I think I like 3. and 5. the most as there is a nice flow to them. I think 1. might look a little static.

Thanks for looking at my project so far, I'd really appreciate any feedback!


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