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Warrior Faun

1. Thumbnails

I want to do a sort of warrior faun. I started with traditional armor but it occurred to me while working through these thumbnails, that he might be cool dressed in armor obviously hand-crafted from the woodlands. I think I will focus on that when refining these poses.

I like the sixth one the best. Curious what anyone else prefers.

These all seem pretty vague to me. Adding in the stick figure over the top really helped me clarify which ones I prefer...

I'm going with 2, 3, and 6 for further work. The rest of them don't really seem worth the time to me.

Next I need to give some further thought to costume before doing any refinements. It occurred to me that a faun would not likely carry an axe...

2. Refining

I picked the 3 thumbs I liked the best and refined them a bit further. When it comes to final character illustrations, I intend to do the same pose from several diffierent angles. So I only can pick one of these for the final rendering.

Does anyone have an opinion as to which one I should choose for the final polish?


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