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Warped Passages: Unraveling the Universe's Hidden Dimensions Redesign

Book Choice:  Warped Passages: Unraveling the Universe's Hidden Dimensions by Lisa Randall.

Really? A book about physics? What am I thinking?  The world's leading physicist--Lisa Randall-- conveys the exciting potential that contemporary research in the field of physics holds for our future. Randall unpacks complex scientific concepts like string theory, quantum mechanics, and the potential of extra-dimensions to a mass audience.  Despite the fact that I never made it past high school physics, I found myself continually engaged in a "Huh? WOW!" response throughout the book, provoked to delve deeper into the questions that Randall raises in Warped Passages.  

Lisa Randall was the first tenured woman in the Physics Department at Princeton, and the first tenured female theoretical physicist at MIT and Harvard, which is both incredibly inspiring, but troubling (first woman??? It took Princeton, MIT and Harvard that long to give a woman tenure in physics??) given that she's 51.

Book Cover Designs at this point:  So far I've only found two versions of the book, as its relatively new (2005)--the original and a UK/ebook version (UK version).  I think both cover designs convey the message that the book is intended for the layperson...that Randall's writing has a clarity that will convey very complex trajectories of research in the world of contemporary physics.  The second cover feels and looks sci-fi ish to me...I really love the typeface, particularly the choice to leave the negative spaces in the text whole.


My Big Design Question:  Since this was Randall's first mainstream book, its apparent through the design and in interviews/marketing around the book, that the most important design goal was (still is?) to convey that the book would be understandable.  I'm wondering if a less straightforward design idea could work now, since she is well-known to a wider, non-science audience? This is the primary question I'd like to answer through my book cover redesign project.


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