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Colum Higgins

Passionate about game design



Warehouse Zombie (now with Breakout)

Getting to know U-nity.

Just trying out plane, box primitives and some asset store textures, including a photo of my tortoise for a custom texture on one cube. 

The zombie needs to get out of the warehouse by tipping over and the boxes and going box to box. 

Hang on Zombies ain't that smart. 


Now with Particles (and some night sky) and tortoise box to front

Playmaker Interactions

Click heading above to interact or

Here is a primitive new project with some playmaker interactions. 

You can click on the box to change the material. 

You can click on the floor to change colour. 

Space bar tutns on and off the lights. 

There are some sounds associated with interactions. 

Breakout Simple Project

Click heading above to play!


Basics of breakout

Bat and ball






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