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War and Peace

I chose War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I read it a couple of years ago, but I really loved it. 

Here are my brain storming notes.


I did a few initial sketches to see what worked and to get my ideas out. I decided to use the letter W.  I had an idea to use a broken china tea cup, which represented the upper class Russians in the story and their plight, but it didn't really work with the letter I chose. A few of my other ideas worked better with the letterform.



Next I made some roughs based on the initial sketches and ideas I had.

1. Represents the Russian civilization and how it was damaged by the French, by using Russian architecture.


2. Represents war and peace. The shadow is war and the face of the letter represents peace. The shadow is a snowy desolate land with broken trees and debris everywhere. The face is a pattern I found on an old china glass. It represents the wealth of the Russian people and their rich culture. This one can also be a play on winter and spring, with winter representing war, and spring representing peace and growth and renewal.


3. This one is pretty self explanitory, which makes it kind of cliche, even though it looks cool.


4.  This one is a take on a Russian letterform, wearing a Napoleonic hat and uniform. 


I'm leaning towards doing #1 digitally. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you!

UPDATE 12/17/15

I ended up doing #2, because I realized the first one looked kind of phallic lol. Here is the finished cover. I used more than 3 colors, so I may go back and try to get it down to 3 colors. Might work on improving my vectors and the pattern too. Now it looks like tha black is coming out from behind the letters at the top so I need to fix that too.



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