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Sheina Yeheskal

Graphic Designer - and Granny



War & Duty

The Sketch

The project started with me having no clue as to what I wanted to do.  I found a nice site that gives random combinations for different names/places/things like that. On the left are a list of possiblities that looked good. The font I chose was Octin Prision Reg. from FontSqurriel.com. War & Duty sounded like a possbile game like Call of Duty. I thought a stencil font would work well. 


The Illustrator File

I didn't want a slant - instead it sits like a box, 4 square. My thinking here is that it would be a game about the conflict between the requirements of War and the responsibilites of Duty - which puts the ampersand in the middle of the sight, and we know something is going to go. The idea of Returning Home is that this is a more recent version of the game, and our hero will be dealing with conflicts on a personal level as well. 


The Final Image (Photoshop)

The image is from a free wallpaper I found and I changed the lighting to give it a melancholy feeling. I liked the idea of a soldier, not really at rest, looking over to the horizon to the future. The sides of the "box" has grown spikes, because everything can contain dangers and/or traps whether from War or Duty. I used a rust effect for the overlay that echos the light on his gear to get a feeling that, not that there is no hope, but rather that what lies ahead is going to be a slog, and a tough one. But one that needs doing. 



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