Wanton Walrus Productions

Wanton Walrus Productions - student project

A buddy and I are going to launch a card game. In order to do this - and cover our tucheses, we're forming an LLC called Wanton Walrus Productions. Now, we don't have a logo yet - the guy we're waiting on to provide it has yet to do so - so I came up with this lil' fella, Cheswick. 

Wanton Walrus Productions - image 1 - student project

He's pretty... well, not good. 

Anyway, while my business partner's already well versed in web development, I figured it might be a good idea to take this time to get used to HTML and CSS, and maybe jump into XML or Javascript later on.

So, this being the first code challenge, I decided to lay the groundwork with a simple, three page site mock-up. The image size is, obviously, huge. I believe I'll head back later and tweak it so it's not as big and doesn't assault the eyes as much.


Second code challenge went well. Went through and added comments for organization's sake through the first challenge, added a copyright notice at the bottom of each page, and then thought about the tables.

As of right now, we're still working on one product and have the second one in its infancy, so it was a pretty simple table to make. I imagine that, if our Kickstarter were up at this point, I'd go through and add that information to the page. But, since it's not yet, just put in the name, price per unit, game type, and whether or not it was in stock.

The form was a bit more difficult for me. Not sure why, really. Lack of coffee?

Anyway, for whatever the reason, the input types, names, and values got muddled up in my head a little bit, so it took some cross-checking to get it all worked out. 

I think that, when I get some more coffee, I'm going to go back through and add in radio buttons and checkboxes for practice's sake. 


Thrid code challenge was easier than I thought it'd be. Of course, I didn't use many semantics tags in the code, so I imagine it might get fairly complicated when the time comes for... it... well, to be fairly complicated. CSS and whatnot.

Anyway, once I figure out where to plug in all of my html files into a Wordpress page, I'll throw a link in here.


Working on the psuedo selectors on here, and, for some reason, the links in one of my IDs are not reflecting "text-decoration: none". That is, the underline still shows up on the page. Been working on figuring out why that's happening on my stylesheet for a good half an hour. Everything else is working fine, and the command worked fine on the exercise.

Going to walk away from it for a while, but if anyone else ran into this and figured it out, any help would be great. 


Semi-victory! Two of them!

1) After learning that WordPress doesn't allow FTP or uploading of HTML or CSS without extra payments (what a racket, huh?), I registered a domain name with another web host, here. So, I got that covered. Finally. 

2) After struggling with columns not even showing up at all, I found out that CSS/browsers/HTML/whatever just really don't like numbers leading a class name. So I switched "1col" to "col1" and BAM! Got it working. Kinda. Can't work out why there's no break in between the columns, but I'm counting this as a win. The columns I've got working are on the About Us page. Going to go through and see where else it makes sense to add them on the site.

Still to do: work out what's going on with the columns, see if I can figure out how to format a block quote in HTML, change the nav bar color since grey doesn't quite work with the background I chose, and also figure out why the Blue Shoes video no longer wants to upload to the web server.

As the Medic says, "Progress, my friend!"


Got the columns working shortly after posting the previous update. Turned out that I didn't have everything divided into individual sections. That's what I get for trying to be clever, I guess.

Anyway, once I added in the appropriate "<div>"s, it all worked out pretty well. The stark white is a bit jarring, so after fixing the nav-bar's position and prettying that up, I played around with gradiant tools a bit to get a base color that works a bit better. Still have a lot of work to do with it, and I might just end up going with something entirely different than trying to make the section blend with the "wood" thing (maybe a brick red?), but overall, pretty happy with it.

I didn't include a social media bar yet because we're a long ways off from having that stuff set up. Though, thinking about it, I'll probably code it in later tonight and just comment it out until we get it all set up on the relevant sites.

EDIT: Ack. Just saw that the table background's still off in one of the rows, and the video's jutting out of the section. I'll have to go back in and try applying that width fix to it.


Worked on getting eerything set up for responsive layouts earlier. So, as I started, I noticed that nothing was responding.

My nav bar remained the same throughout. Tables weren't beholden to anything I put in the new css file. In short, it was everything that could go wrong with the project.

Then I realized I forgot to link everything in my header and the meta section of the page. After that, I noticed I forgot to link everything in the remainder of the pages, so I rectified that, and from then on, it was fairly smooth sailing.

So far, I've only worked on the devices we covered in the exercise, but I figure that, from there on, it shouldn't be too difficult to replicate for any others.

Uploading's going to have to wait. My website's host is obscenely slow at the moment.