Wandiamo - student project

Wandiamo is an early stage startup focusing on empowering people who are passionate about traveling to travel more by reducing the work involved in researching and planning a trip. Users will be able to share their travel histories, interests, bucket lists, and any timing or budget constraints and access travel recommendations personalized to them. 

As an avid traveler myself, I saw an opportunity in the online leisure travel marketplace to help bridge the gap between all the inspirational sites out there that create demand for travel and all the functional sites that only work for travelers that already have a specific destination in mind. My goal is to create a place where travel lovers can share their trip dreams and be inspired, but also find actionable options to make these dreams a reality.

I am still in the process of creating all the wireframes for my site and hiring designers/developers to help execute on my vision. If you'd like to be one of the first people to find out when the site is live, please signup here: http://signup.wandiamo.com.

In the mean time, you can connect with Wandiamo via the following social media channels:

  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Wandiamo
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/Wandiamo

Search less, travel more. Go wandering with Wandiamo!

Project Milestone One:

The landing page I'll be driving users to for my project is: http://signup.wandiamo.com. 

Project Milestone Two:

I am using a LaunchRock signup landing page for this project (as I noticed several others are as well). I've gone through the videos and articles posted for this class, but am still a bit stumped...

SEO - If all you are working with is a LaunchRock page, it seems there isn't much of a way to control for this since the only SEO controls I've noticed are one area to drop in tags. Seems like this tactic is better suited when a true end to end site has been built out with multiple pages/content you can optimize for. Or am I missing some tricks for LaunchRock?

PR - In my opinion, if all you have is a signup landing page on LaunchRock, it's a little early in the game for PR. I wouldn't think you want to try and get press until you actually have something customers can use. Thoughts?

Explicit Invites - This is one that does seem to already be inherintly built into the LaunchRock platform. When someone does signup (provide their email address), you can customize the email that gets sent to them as well as the social media sharing prompts. I think intergrating a rewards program to encourage sharing/invites is a great idea, but this doesn't have much ground to stand on until there is a live site that is providing value for those using it.

Implicit Invites - I'm not sure how this would get executed without a working website that users could take actions on and branding/invites could be integrated with these actions?

A/B Testing - Can this be done with just a LaunchRock page? If so, which tools integrate best with LaunchRock (Optimizely, Unbounce, something else...)?

I thought the videos and articles presented in this module were all really helpful, but I felt like most of the ideas I generated in reviewing them will help me more down the line once my actual website is launched. For other classmates working off of a LaunchRock landing page as the basis of your project, what acquisition methods are you planning to use?