Wanderluxe: a craft jewelry collection for chic drifters and modern dreamers

Business Model: I am funding Wanderluxe with my own money, while still working full-time. I won't be using any credit or outside funding whatsoever. I will not be hiring any employees, but rather, piece out my workload to freelancers.  If I need help with social media in the future I will hire a virtual assistant.  

My customer appreciates and follows fashion, but wants to look different than her peers.  She appreciates well-made unique items and is willing to pay more for them.  Transparency and story is important to her.  She wants to know where her purchases were made and by whom.  She is a little bohemian and has a touch of wanderlust.  

My customer appreciates Wanderluxe because I am all of the above things and chances are we'd be friends IRL.  I like to share behind the scenes photographs of the making process, photoshoots and travel.  I am transparent in where and how I source my components.  

The hard part of this business is connecting with my target customer and making the sale.  The unique part of Wanderluxe is how the jewelry is made and the hand embroidery process used on the surface of the metal.  The easy part of the business is making, shipping and setting up for shows and sales.


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