Wanderlust | Skillshare Projects




This would be my second attempt at painting a digital landscape - and around my fourth attempt at creating a polished digital painting in the first place. Needless to say, I was really excited about starting this project, and this class was incredible. 

There were a few things I was shy of when creating a digital piece.

The first was to use colour, so I was determined to use this as the opportunity to use some colour in my piece.

The second was to split my work into layers. In previous pieces involving landscapes, I generally would just build up the design in a single layer, painting it like I would in a traditional painting. 

As directed, I started creating thumbnails. I actually got a bit of a block on one of my first ideas, so I decided to start from scratch. 

This is the general thumbnail I came up with after. Things came to me pretty smoothly after that, since I quite liked the composition, and I followed the class as best as I could. 

Once I was satisfied with my base shapes and general composition, I started applying colour... I made sure to stick to a palette.

Once I had applied a general coating of colour, I could move onto the texturing! I left the background for last, since I knew I wouldn't be using much texture there.

Finally I could move on and finish the background and add refinements / apply the finishing touches.

Completed version! I'm definitely happy with this piece, and although there is a lot that can be improved I'm very satisfied with this as my first product from this class.

I'll absolutely be practicing and making more. 

Thank you again for the great class! 




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