Updated 26th March

Separated the w and a...

6th March

...still tweaking the monolinear version, adding some width, and just a hint of some finials. I'm going to bite the bullet and try vectorising the script version next.

Update pm

I've been working on the monoline version this evening - here's a cleaned up one but I'm still tweaking...


Firstly thank you so much for the great videos, Spencer!

I've chosen the word "Wanderlust" – purely because I love its sound and meaning, and thought it had a good mix of characters to practise with.
So... I started off literally just doodling for a while, seeing what might pop up and how the characters could work together, exploring different styles. Below is a collection of these doodles and how they started to develop a bit – please excuse them, they are very, very rough. I'd chosen 2 in particular that I was going to start working up in Illustrator – the script version and the capital serifs (towards the end). 
I started working through the drawing exercises from the videos and began with a very simple geometric straight line type style as a warm up, and then it kind of evolved into something entirely different that I hadn't really planned for, or expected! I started experimenting with adding curves, loops and spirals, getting a tad carried away in the process. I liked the idea of meandering paths etc to depict the word. I've shown the 2 screenshots at the end. They are very rough at the moment as they are just a flow of ideas but I think I might develop one of the last ones too. 

Started playing with a flowing script and how I could incorporate some flourishes. Having real problems with the W. I'll try to sort out the spacing and scale of some of the characters when I take it into Illustrator.

First steps drawing letters from scratch in Illustrator (very roughs!)


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