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Thanks Brock for a great creative and fun class!

This is the first time I've tried something like this so please bear with me. I intend to keep any bloopers, mistakes and whatnot because I like that raw unpolished feeling, sort of. 

Anyways. I jotted down a bunch of random words and tried to connect at few of them. It's a common approach to any creative process I guess. Some words felt more appealing than others so I tried to refine those a bit more, changing or adding more words. I ended up with "dices", "obstacles" and "a world within a world".

So now I need a story. I thought about a concept along the lines of "reach your full pontential" in which I could use the dices as symbols. Maybe some dices bullied other dices? Or maybe the odd ones just felt left outside? Ok, how about this: a gang of dices is harrassing another dice who would...hmm...evolve in some way by the experience and move on leaving the dicegang unevolved and left behind in the end. Something like that at least :)

I also applied some features that I like (in any situation really)

  1. Things that sprout legs
  2. Contrasts
  3. Lo-fi

Finally I named it all "Wanderlust" because often the journey is the destination.


p.s I'd like to add blu-tack and wire to the list of useful stuff when doing this. :)



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