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Wanderlust Zine

I had many ideas for this zine in the beginning, and doodled the different elements for each of the idea, but nothing really convinced me - they all seemed so boring!  Then, I was looking through my past sketchbooks and came upon an idea I had but never executed - a 'map' font.  That was when I had the idea to create this 'Wanderlust' zine.  At first, I wanted to draw out the whole alphabet (A-Z) in the 'map' font (alphabets itself are islands, floating in the ocean), but that was quite massive work for this quick zine (and too many letters to fit in!).  The obvious path to go on was to draw out the letters for T-R-A-V-E-L!  I'm afraid of flying, especially on long-haul flights, so this zine is a way of kicking myself in the butt to pluck up my courage and start on my wanderlust journeys to places far away that I've always wanted to go.  Travel!

These are the shots of every page and also the whole spread.  I did not draw anything on the other side as the pen was bleeding through (next time I'll use better paper haha), but I will draw a better version of this zine with a pattern/print on the other side.  

The story:

Front page - a plane taking off on its journey

Interior pages - flying to and across various islands with mountains, trees, lakes, trains, beaches, deserts, with the ocean punctuated by ships, whales, sharks, boats, etc.

Back page - plane landing after its journey







Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed it!  


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