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Wanderings - Volume 1: Little Italy - San Diego, CA

I shot various pictures while I was in Little Italy and compiled a set of photos to tell that story.

I uploaded the mockup with several blank pages because I have seen similar books with blank pages, perhaps for notes or signatures? Also the front will have a introduction about about the project. I shot it with a 8 year old point and shoot after my film camera had a light leak. Not wanting to cancel the shoot, i used what I had. I want to point that out since to me this is more authentic since these are things that a rea person would see, with equipment a real person would have.

This will be my first photobook. I have had this sitting in indesign but I have been unconfident about the book design and what to write. So it has just sat here.

I am looking for tips on how to make this book better.

I will NOT reshoot this as i have been told on various forums. The point is that I recorded a moment that has already passed. I have plenty of other shoots that I have done with better lighting and my new camera. And more to come.

I could not see where to upload the document, so here is a link to the file on my google drive



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