Wandering in Creativity

Wandering in Creativity - student project

My brand name is "Wandering in Creativity"

My mission statement is:

"Inspiration and Blueprints to create accessories for your adventures near and far"


I am creating a blog/lifestyle brand which documents my creative makes with instructions 'blueprints' on how they are made.

It is not intended to be a money making business but rather a platform to document my creative makes for (and while I) travel.

It combines a number of my interests in crafty creation and travel, together with a learning tool for myself as I head towards "early" retirement after a number of years working in the emergency services.

Not sure about the word "Blueprint" however it can be easily changed to "instructions" - The reason for use is that I am hoping to link it with ideas I have for graphics.


Annette Johnson
Wandering in Creativity