Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.)

Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - student project


I have been working on my breadboard:





Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 1 - student project


Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 2 - student project


working on tidying up my final design:



 Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 3 - student project



some more initial ideas:

 Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 4 - student project

Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 5 - student project


here is my colour palette:

I feel it represents sea/sky/earth


Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 6 - student project

 Played about with different fonts on one of my initial ideas:

Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 7 - student project


It has been challenging working out how to use a vector based design program (Inkscape). I'm not sure if the design works but I'm pleased it looks like my previous sketch drawings - I have a colour palette I want to use but that is an Inkscape challenge for another day

Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 8 - student project

 I am trying to work through a creative block, it’s a small start:

Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 9 - student project




I realise from my mood board that I am drawn to circles:Wandering in Creativity (W.I.C.) - image 10 - student project


I am hoping to use this course as a way to design my own logo and branding. In order to assist with this I have written my own design brief, below: 


Story of Wandering in Creativity
As Annette approaches retirement at 53 yrs old and after 30 years in the emergency services she has been looking at her interests to create an income stream. This would supplement her pension and enable her to fulfil her travel plans at the same time as maintaining her business.

One of Annette’s passions is her Cricut, a die cutting machine which can be used on a number of materials; paper, felt, vinyl, fabric. She also creates individually designed crochet and fabric accessories leaning towards current trends, generally with a travel use.

The primary concern at the business start up will be digital downloads on Etsy, these designs are intended to be used with Cricut or other brand cutting machines, Annette has a number of unique designs ready to go.
The business may progress towards a blog describing Annette’s travels and current creations, a consideration in the logo design.

Logo Brief:
The logo needs to relate to the name ‘Wandering in Creativity’ or ‘WIC’ which was chosen by Annette for two reasons:
- it reflects her ‘wanderlust’ which generally includes some kind of crafting taken along on her numerous travels
- It also describes how she is inspired to drift in and out of many different crafts and creations (generally related to worldwide travel).

Target market:
Initially the target market is a broad range of die cutting machine users who will pay for the convenience of original designs to be used on their homemade items.

Brand Values:








Annette Johnson
Wandering in Creativity