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Wandering: Track your movement and explore your world

This January I am going wandering and I am wondering if you will join me? Everything begins in Melbourne but you can participate from anywhere on the internet. Each day the Fitbit Zip will track your physical activity and each week we will discuss a handful of ideas that relate to movement.

Wandering is an activity that leads to more awareness, whether it's getting healthier, finding new places or clearing your mind. The key is checking your daily activity goal then sharing the experience with friends. This gets us into the world with open eyes ready to explore new things.

Ideas we will discuss include:

  • Movement, steps, what to track? 
  • There are many ways to move each day
  • How are we connected to the ground
  • Finding checkpoints between places
  • Taking photos during a photowalk
  • Breathing and clearing your mind

Here's a participant experience: "The other night I needed to do more steps so I went for a brisk walk after dinner to the beacon. Once I was outside and moving I so appreciated the beauty of that area, and on my way back home I had some insights for my company. So it was enriching on multiple levels."

Join myself and the group and let's go wandering. 

Note: You will need to buy the Fitbit separately before the class begins. 


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