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Filled out the structure chart:

Some research photos:

The actual wallet I wanted

The wallet I ended up with (I bought it pretty late, I guess they had sold out a lot)

A worn out wallet (similar to my old wallet)

Opening a wallet

What me and my friends look like when we go to the mall (I was always the awkwardly dressed one while the rest of them were stylish. Thus I was motivated to buy the wallet so I could be "cool" too)

The wallet was always at Macy's in the wallet/purse section

A better view of the purse/wallet section

Changed idea because previous ideas did not really have a point to them. 
New Idea: Wallet
A few years ago there was a pretty wallet that I wanted so badly that I stalked it for a year, keeping track of the prices and waiting for it to drop. I wanted it because I wanted to be cool among my friends. As soon as it dropped, I bought it and I was so excited to put all my stuff in it and get rid of my ugly old one. There was just one problem, the new wallet I just bought was too small to hold all my things. So I returned it and kept on using my old wallet, accepting that even though it was not as pretty as my friends' wallets, it was still the best for holding all my things.

On the first day 1st grade, I was really sad that my mom was leaving me, so I spent the majority of the day crying and wanting my mommy.
Here are some of the things that scared me:
- PE class
- riding the bus
- getting lost in the hallway
I was really shy all the time and I would sit at my desk and cry and teachers would come to ask what was wrong. Other kids would also ask if I was ok. I was also really scared that my sister (5th grade) would forget about me and ride the bus home without me. It was a very stressful day :o
The next thing I need to do is research and make some characters of myself, I guess


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