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I like magical tales. This illustration I drew is about "goddess of wall".

Wall is a hole who dig the ground deep for water.

A long time ago, people believe some spirts place where they live and need to live,

Spirit of Wall is one of them.  She rarely show up her appearane to few people, it's like a beautiful fish

when she is showed in wallwater or dragon both in water and on ground.

I drew ladder because I think it has a magical meaning as a connection between spiritual world and human world.

ceramic containers are for putting 'freshly drawn water'. that pure water is for prayer.

At last, I decorated ceramics, table, wooden ornaments and Wall with those oriental petterns I like.

It was so much fun to drew with rough paper, oriental brush and Ink.

I usually draw with nib on soft paper. I tried with oriental brush and rough paper since I'm tired of nib's line, It is good to express lyrical line. and funny!

<Wall>is my first illustration drew with brush. it has many knife scares on paper.

I wish you leave some feed backs for me.

Thank you for reading! 



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