Wall Decor Company

Wall Decor Company - student project

I was asked to conduct an analysis of a Brand's website in order to suggest user experience fixes. However, I thought that it would be a better idea to work through this course first to get an idea of WHO their customers may be in order to suggest better, targeted approaches. Below is my Proto Persona Exercise.


User Brainstorm:

- Enjoys art and photography

- Wants to explore or has traveled

- Values practicality

- Values high quality

- Budget conscious 

- Values company transparency

- May use their space to generate revenue (offices, lobby, renting rooms, etc.)

- May be involved in real estate or commercial decor (such as staging rooms, etc.)


Pain Points:

- High cost of art

- No time/not enough time to explore art

- TMI/overloaded with information

- Difficulty checking out on websites or other functionality


5 Why's:

- I want to own/buy art that is affordable, quality material, easy to install and appealing

- I want to decorate or otherwise enhance an area in my home/office/etc., but I don't have time, knowledge, or a lot of funds

- By enhancing these spaces, I hope to create a unique environment to those within it

- Depending on the space, decor + environment can impact me financially (hotel business, Airbnb, office, etc.) as well as put people in a relaxed/comfortable mood

- I value the effect art has on people and spaces, and realize it can benefit me



- Age: 35-60

- Salary: 80k+ (somewhat unknown due to lack of deep customer data at this stage)

- Location: Northeast

- Profession: medical specialist

- Education: Doctorate

- Computer: Microsoft

- Smartphone: Android/iPhone

- Comfort with Tech: Low-level to Mid-range user



- Netflix

- Facebook

- Volvo

- History Channel


Pain Points:

- no free time

- turned off by "overly priced" art/decoration

- hates complicated sites/technology