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Walking the Dog

My name is Giulia Bartolotta (instagram: @giuliabartolotta). I just moved to the Oregon coast from Idaho about 3 months ago. It's been a photographers dream living here. There is so much to photograph, whether it be waves, birds, sea life, clouds... With every storm, the beach changes. I've been doing photography for about 10 years, and one thing I have always had problems with is having a consistent style. I feel like my style changes with my mood, just like music (take a look at my Instagram, you'll see what I mean). One of the amazing, and difficult, things about the coast is the light is always changing. It can go from stormy to sunny, or the other way around, in a matter of minutes. The 3 photos I am posting were from an afternoon walk along the 804 trail with my dog today. 


For this photo I used VSCO (A6), Snapseed, and Lightroom. The only major thing I did to this picture was bring down the brightness and up the contrast a bit in the sky so the clouds would stick out more. 


For this one I used VSCO (06 and A6) and Snapseed. You can already see the skies darkening.


And here come the storms! Again I used VSCO (06) and Snapseed. For this one I bumped up the structure in Snapseed so you could see a little more detail in the water. I also got rid of some of the shadows along the bottom of the photo. I really like how this looks in color, but thought it looked awesome in black and white too, which you will see below (VSCO preset B5).


I still have some work to do on my consistency, but I appreciate all the tips and tricks, Joe! I never realized tools in different apps could be so different (like contrast in VSCO vs. Snapseed). 


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