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Walking in the city

I've always liked taking photos but never really thought about the rules of composition. I decided that my project will be focused on my city, Wrocław, and for each lessons I'll just go for a walk in the neghbourhood, trying to use the rules presented in the classes.

Week 1

I decided to work in black and white, and to keep it simple.


Here I worked with foreground and background to put focus on the first bottle, and also geometrical lines.


Here's a try on diagonals. Also, I like the contrast between straight lines and the round objects in the foreground.


Here I tried to use tha water as a kind of frame, putting the girl in the intersection of left and bottom 1/3 lines.


A very simple use of thirds, putting the lock and handle in the right 1/3 line of the photo.

(Right now I thought it would be more interesting if the door was slightly open, maybe I'll try that with my next photos).


I liked the horizontal and vertical lines here.


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