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Walking in the Woods with Tilly

Why am I making this map? My husband’s beloved dog is dying of lymphoma. Tilly is ten, and almost every day of her life, she’s walked in the nature preserve across the street from our house. I want to make this map to commemorate our time together, as a way to connect her and this place in a meaningful way.

Why am I the expert to make this map? I’ve walked our trails with Tilly thousands of times. Not all the trails every time, but there are specific walks that we take no matter the weather. We’ve walked in blizzards, in heat waves, in hurricanes (well, in the eye of the storm), and in perfect New England days.


Who is my target audience? Myself, Neal, a few close friends who also know and love both the woods and Tilly.


What level of detail do I need? There are some landmarks that Neal and I will recognize. I don’t think anything else, other than maybe the roads that abut the woods, is needed.


Do I want my final project to be digital or printed? How will it be used? Right now I’m planning to create a watercolor map that we can hang in the house. I may scan it to send it to friends via email.


Dear classmates: I need your help/expertise on how to….chart the paths. My plan right now is to refer to the trail map put out by the preserve and to walk, pencil & paper in hand, on the paths that are not shown on the trail map. I thought I’d do just what I used to when I tried to make maps as a kid—I’ll simply draw a line that mimics the trail, then add important landmarks. Any other ideas?


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