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Walking in Powerful Boots

I think this song is so fun but doing this project has allowed me to listen closely to the lyrics.  The lyrics for me talked about getting over being hurt by someone and becoming a much stronger person.  I feel the lyrics hold true especially in business.  I always read articles about a founder of a business get burned by somone they trusted and in the end some of them lost their business completely and had to start all over again.  They did overcome that hurdle in their life and did not allow it to keep them down.  They became more cautious when making business decisions in the future.  By doing this project I know have rules that I can follow when I start my business soon.  My business idea will merge my two favorite things in life, which are drawing and shoes.  Not only did I feel this song had a good message but my favorite part of this song of course is the mention of footwear.



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