Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC

Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - student project

Hello! Please scroll all the way down to see my project intent.

exercise 1: hand drawn maps
This is just a start. I will probably refine the "map language" (symbols & patterns) as I go.

21813: president's day
Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - image 1 - student project

21913: relics of st. anthony of padua
Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - image 2 - student project


Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - image 3 - student project

I like to walk. It is something that I discovered that I liked to do when I traveled recently to Paris (Hence, my cover photo). I have traveled a lot prior to my Paris trip, but there was a moment while exploring Montmartre, when I said to myself, "I like walking. I would hate it if I lost my ability to walk."

Paris is such a walkable city and there were many times when I opted to walk to a destination rather than take the metro or bus. Besides the obvious benefit of saving money, you naturally discover more while walking: a quirky bookstore, a charming bakery, or your favorite Paris café. You just never know what to expect. Lastly, what I like most about using my two feet is the FREEDOM of going where you please.

I am a graphic designer and I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY from Baltimore, where I grew up...and had a car. I know Brooklyn is not Paris, but from talking with my roommates and my friends who live here, Brooklyn is rich with stuff, and I am excited to explore and see what I will discover.

Walking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - image 4 - student projectWalking Freely in Brooklyn/NYC - image 5 - student project

My series of maps will be a diary or documentation of my walks and commutes, which I will record every few days. The process itself of retracing my steps will be a fun exercise that I hope will become more habit than homework. One of my goals/challenges is to create a map language (symbols or path patterns) that will make sense to me and others. Another one is to create a book or series of posters that will show all the routes/places that I visited within a month. Lastly, I hope to continue this "map" making experience beyond the class' timeframe.

Well, I look forward to starting this new experience with everyone. Feel free to contact me or provide comments. My instagram is gelo123. Find me and see where I am :)