Walk - student project

Update 6/9

can't get enough of this video, death buy lemonade...such a great short.

Been going through a few alternate endings, one where the guy gets hit by a car, (or moped) as the screen fades to black, credits roll, and then after the credits you see a close up of a hand with a cast on it, pressing the button repedely.  I'm  working on some drawings which I'll post soon.  I also have been doing a bunch of reference work, here's one video that I've been watching. 


Update 6/5

I have an ending!  At least I think.  Here is a small synopsis with the new ending:

A skateboarder is waiting to walk at a pedestrian crossing.  He hits the button and patiently waits.  A fat studio executive (business man) comes along, pushing the skateboarder out of the way and begins repetitively pushing the button while simultaneously texting and talking to someone on a bluetooth headset.  At a point, he loses his temper to the person he is talking to, and begins jumping up and down, and breaks his phone.  He looses focus for a minute and forgets about the light, just as it turns to walk.  Since he is turned around, he doesn’t see it.  The skateboarder is about to take off when he realizes he could tell the man, buts casually opts out, and skates off.  The walk signal changes, just before the businessman turns around, and he starts cursing the walk sign, as the screen fades to black you hear the sound of the button being repeatedly pressing it again.

Walk - image 1 - student project

Also, I was thinking about some titles for this.  I Haven't found a name yet, but I really love this imagery.  I was just doing some google searching, but I really like the ones that have "walk."  Maybe that's the name...

Update 5/29

I made a short animatic some time ago, which you can view here.  I skipped a bunch of stages, but sometimes you just gota make some shit.  Below is an image of it.

Walk - image 2 - student project

Update 5/28

I don't have a title for this story yet, and I don't have an ending.

Walk - image 3 - student project

This story is about enjoying the small things in life.  For instance, enjoying the 30 seconds you have while waiting to walk across the road.  It's also about people destroying those moments for you.  In this case, our laid back skateboarder is rudely interupted by a self-centered busy-body business man on the way back from lunch.  I'm asking the question, "does some higher power take care of these people or do you have to take matters into your own hands."

I have a few boards and character studies which I'll throw up, but for now, here's the opening shot.

I'll also try to post some WIP on twitter @shawnkirsch

Shawn Kirsch
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