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Marci Aurila

Artist, Illustrator, Author, Cat Person



'Walk Like an Egyptian' *update, most of the color is done

I am absolutely not used to my tablet. I hope to figure out what he buttons and so forth do soon, I kept having to go back to my mouse for most stuff besides the actual sketching!

I used some public domain Egyptian design elements as inspiration. super happy so far. Need to work on the center adn add something ot a few bare areas. Then see if I can actually make non-squiggly lines in Photoshop for the final version, otherwise I will have to suck it up and try in illustrator (not my strong-suit yet). 



Canot wait to get the color on this!


Updated images - progress. I am not super adept with my ttablet yet, but eventually this will be faster and easier (I hope)!

Almost done with the coloring, then only need to duplicate:



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