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Walden; or, Life in the Woods - By Henry David Thoreau

I've decided to pick Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I read the book in college, but have been meaning to pick it up again. Hopefully I can find some good inspiration for my lettering project!


Update: 12/1/2013 // Lists + Sketches

I finally had a chance to sit down with my sketchbook last week and began the process of making a list of key words and ideas that came from the book. While the book is philisophical, many of the insights expounded upon throughout come from Thoreau's interaction with and perception of the natural world.

As I listed out everything that came to mind, I couldn't stop thinking about the main manmade and natural elements highlighted in the book: The woods, the cabin and the pond.

I sketched out a few ideas (roughly...yikes) and also thought about using the letter "T" rather than the letter "W."

Then I started sketching this:

I used the letter "W" to create tree trunks and the cabin's roof, both of which are reflected in the adjacent pond. What is this book, if not a 200-page reflection on the human condition, right? 

Obviously, the actually letterform could use some work and I may take to illustrator to see if I can work on making the "W" standout and blend in at the same time. I'll also work on the reflection quite a bit.

Thoughts? I'd love to get any feedback you all might have! 


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