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Waking up with the whole world ahead of you

We decided to take an inpromptu camping trip this weekend to Hunting Island, South Carolina.  Our campsite was so close to the beach, you could hear the waves crashing all night long.  I had woken up prior to sunrise to see the sun come up over the ocean and once the sunbeams hit the tents, my kids tumbled out (still wrapped in blankets) to eat a little breakfast and plan what adventures we would have for the day.  

To add a few more- I'm not sure if it counts as an adventure, but the in-between moments are my absolute favorites for my day job of wedding photography. It's not the ceremony or the first dance, but usually it's those in-between moments where people let their guard down and you get to capture the real emotions.  Here's a few of my favorite in-between wedding moments just to add to the fun.

A little bit of joking before the pre-ceremony prayer

Last minute adjustments before the walk down the aisle

Straightening dad's tie


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