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Waking Up Early and Being Productive

My habit personality type

I am an Upholder

Description: You respond readily to new habits, whether they are imposed externally by someone else, or internally. You have strong self-discipline and find it relatively easy and rewarding to create new routines. You almost always meet deadlines, follow the rules, read the instructions, and keep your commitments. You hate letting others or yourself down, and can sometimes be too hard on yourself when you don't meet your own standards.

Why I signed up for the class

I have a habit of creating overambitious goals where I say I'm going to do a bunch of things but never follow through with it. I want to actually set goals for this year and actually make them attainable and realistic. There is plenty of stuff on my todo list and with work I want to be able to actually say I accomplished them and I was productive this year. 

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?

One habit I'm really proud of is that I have been good about going to the gym and staying active. I no longer play sports on a team so its up to myself to stay physically fit and motivate myself to workout. I walk to work everyday, track my steps with my fitness tracker and go to the gym most days for at least an hour. Whether I lift weights or play basketball I just try to make sure I'm being active. 

Another good habit has been making taking a lunch everyday to work. It's rewarding to know that I'm saving a lot of money and eating healthier by preparing my own lunch each week. Working in a pricey area means that eating out can quickly take a strain on my wallet so I'm pretty pleased that I've been consistent about this habit.


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