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"Waking Dream" Moodboard

I tend to be a little shy about color, so I really busted out of my shell for this moodboard! I had so much fun making this -- Meg's course was great for a total Photoshop newb like me.

I'm an aspiring fashion journalist, but I didn't want to make my first moodboard spefically about fahsion. (Though I did include a swatch with a VEDA leather jacket -- *swoon.*) Rather, I wanted to play with color, as Meg encouraged, and to evoke a general -- well, mood! I'm definitely not a girly-girl, so pink and purple aren't usually my go-to color palette. When I found the central photo, however, of the girl with the crazyrad hair, I just had to use it as a jumping-off point. It set the tone for a little contrast and contradiction -- the juxtaposition of girly colors with a dark, punky mood.

Never one to follow directions well, I opted to create my own layout. Though it's not as complicated as Meg's (I'll work up to that!), I was proud of myself for creating a template from scratch! I also played around with some random tools, which is how I ended up with the stars and the curvature in the text. 

Speaking of the text -- inspired by John Keats. What can I say, I was an English major. : )

All thoughts/comments/suggestions are much appreciated!




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