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Founder | Creative Director of Wakenbake™ Apparel



WakeNBake™ Lifestyle Brand & Apparel


Hello, my name is Jeffrey Tejada and I am the founder & creative designer for WakeNBake™. We are lifestyle streetwear brand & apparel company geared out of NYC. Wakenbake was established in June 2011 in FL and we moved over to NYC to branch and expand our brand in a larger market. 

Our first Wakenbake™ tee showing love to central Florida:

"The I4 tee"

WakeNBake™ is a very well known term used for decades, I chose this as the name of my brand for simple fact that this term is used everyday by smokers all around the world. It's very inviting and simply cool to say and wear. Our slogan " You're bound to have a good day'' is for everyone even non smokers. Life is to be cherished and lived to the fullest! There's so much in the world of negativity that people forget about what lifes meaning is. At Wakenbake™ we believe that our brand represents a positive start to your day, whether your an activist, smoker or just believe in a better, positive tomorrow!

We're unique as a whole. Our designs and way of expressing ourselves with fashion and culture is above and well diverse. We want to show awareness and give activism along with great designs that coincides with todays modern fashion.

When I first started this alot of people thought I was crazy until they saw my complete vision for WakeNBake™. This day and age, alot of people in our society are more creative and vocal about their dreams and wants, and a smokers lifestyle is even more creative in this sense. We've created a lifestyle brand that no one would be scared or ashamed of wearing, whether they're smokers and live this lifestyle or just fashion enthusiasts. 

Soon one of my biggest goals is to start making all of our apparel from hemp materials. Hemp is one of the strongest materials on earth and should be used for its great benefits. It's stronger and more durable than cotton and lasts longer. Plus the benefits of our country going from cotton to hemp would be MAJOR, we want to the be the first large scale streetwear apparel brand to be made of 100% hemp. 

We will have menswear and womens clothing to include tees, socks, hats, sweaters, hoodies & outerwear to say the least. Lots of accessories & merchandise to include keychains, stickers, buttons, lighters, smoke accessories & energy drinks.

Our website is 

Twitter: @Wakenbakeco

Instagram: @Wakenbakeco

Here are some of our tees from the 2013 Spring | Summer Collection:

"Logo Tees''

"United States Cannabis Club Tee"

U.S.C.C, this club is a very prestigious club, but all of everyone in the beautiful US of A (and abroad) can join. WakeNBake™ accepts all. 

We want to take this portion of WakeNBake™ to the next level by introducing Polos shirts and Polo sweaters for the fall/winter season. Lots to come for U.S.C.C.


''The Tool Tee"

Very Explicit just how we like it. What do you use?

"Pardon My Stench Tee''

If you ever feel like you aroma travels everywhere you go, here's your chance to express yourself properly. 

"Fred the Dead Pothead Tee"

Fred is our mascot so to speak, WakeNBake's main brand ambassador. He will representing WakeNBake™ at all times and everyone will know who he is. Fred will be international traveling around the world and knows multiple languages. He's is a multicultural smoker, a true connoisseur of marijuana who spreads love good vibes and his stash when he's around. Overall a cool as$ dude dead or not. 

"Chiefing Daily Tee"

We did a nice spinoff of a chief we found online and used the d.a.r.e. logo for the daily illustration. We didnt want the generic marijuana leaf or a chief smoking so we came up with this using summer colors for the initial collection.

Women's Logo Tees

Baked Barbies Concept For Girls:

WakeNBake™ Stickers wil be releasing different set pack every month starting August 2013. 


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