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Wake up early - my first step for a more productive day

1. Habit Personality Type

I am a Questioner (8) and an Obliger (7), a bit Upholder (4) and Rebel (4). I supposed this makes me a little bipolar :O

2. Why did I sign up

I always thought I was strong at mantaining my habits even when I couldn't get a good result. Growing older I found out that what kept me tied to my "mission" was competition (with my classmates for example). Now that I work as a freelance and competition is not that immediate - meaning I'm the only judge here with me everyday - I feel like I don't care that much 'cause nobody's watching.

Obviously this thing is having a bad effect on my career most of all on my enthusiasm. I just want to find again that feeling of completion and satisfaction I used to feel when the day was over and the job was done.

3. Most consistent good habit in the past

I've always been athletic, I still play volleyball and I used to run every other day for an hour 'til September 2013 for 6 months. I also lost 7kg just eating healthier and walking to work (4 months, 2012).

4. Keystone habit: wake up at 6:30 am during the days of the week I work from home (mon, tue and thu - I already wake up at 6:30 am when I have to go to the office) having a plan for the day after prepared every evening (sun - thu).


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