Wake Up & Work

I don't have a problem with sleep; I can sleep plenty. I have a combined problem with sleep and motivation. I get productive and wide-awake until 2 am, when I finally feel compelled to crawl in bed. When I'm expected to wake up for work or school, before 8 am, I struggle to pull out of my slumber, often fading in and out of sleep for a full hour or more. 

Four years ago, in high school, I was able to stay up until 1-2 am and still wake by 7 for school. Freshman year of college, I managed to understand my sleep and create a schedule where I awoke at the same time every day, without an alarm clock. Thus, I know I can manage my sleep, but I'm really struggling lately. 

The sleep problem combines with my low motivation lately. I need to convince myself that I need to get out of bed when I wake up in the morning, instead of falling into psychological circles of rearranging priorities and convincing myself "it's okay to sleep."  I don't believe it's a deep sleep issue, because I've also struggled with smart alarm clocks (Sleep Cycle - I've got beautiful cycles).

I understand sleep and I want to hack my sleep, but I need a starting place. 

I'm going to start by:

  • making sure to drink ample amounts of water during the day
  • taking small walks periodically to be exposed to sunlight and relax from my usual fixation on screens
  • using a smart alarm clock more consistently, with a 12:30 bed time

But I still need to figure out how to wake up.


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