Wake Up, Sunshine Bottles

Wake Up, Sunshine Bottles - student project

I have always been afraid of digital illustrations. I feel like my drawing skills were never good enough to translate from sketches to digital. This class really gave me the tools to make it happen confidently. My full time job is working as a content creator for a museum so I use the pen tool all the time. I NEVER knew about the smooth tool... LIFE CHANGING. Thank you so much, Dylan! I can't wait to take your other classes.


My sketches are all over the place but I decided to design my bottles around inspiration from All Time Low's new album that came out on April 3rd. The inspiration came from the song titles and the actual lyrics to pull in more details. I also decided to use a font instead of my handwriting. I just couldn't get my handwriting the way I wanted it. I felt like it took away from the overall design. 

Wake Up, Sunshine Bottles - image 1 - student projectWake Up, Sunshine Bottles - image 2 - student projectWake Up, Sunshine Bottles - image 3 - student project


Here is what I have so far! I plan on making a few more changes to the bottles and adding a texture to the background. 

Wake Up, Sunshine Bottles - image 4 - student project

Great class, thanks again!