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Angelica Ovcharenko

Flash banners designer




Hello! I really enjoy this class and I had learned a lot! My photos became so much better.

I made many attempts to take a photo of my breakfast. It's hard to make beautiful shot. Now I finally like my photos and I can share them. I tried to keep it simple and add interesting detail such as crumpled paper and colorful confetti topping.




I struggled with colors because my initial photos was dark. I edited them in Photoshop by playing with levels to make white looks brighter. Here example of my photo without color correction:


And my first attempt to take photos this morning. I was not really happy with this ones.


And backstage photo. He always interested in what I'm doing. I think, he wanted to eat my flowers actually :)


I want to share few other nice collages that I made with help of this class:


My sister brought this card for me from Sait Petersburg (Russia). The lettering means: "from Petersburg with apathy and indifference" :) It's because of rains. And on the other side is a nice cat says: "don't forget the stamp". Also on the photos there are candies with licorice. They are from Petersburg too, in our city we can't buy them, but in Petersburg they are popular because of Finland neighborhood. I really love licorice, but nobody whom I know don't like it except of my sister.


And this is easter pie that my friend made and I decorated it. And my friends amazing dinosaurs! I jealous :)
I had a lot of fun! The process is exciting.


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