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"Wach it" - A Social DVR

1. "Watch it" - A Social DVR


How Does "Watch it" Work?

1. "Watch it" is a seemless intergration between social media and your home DVR. 

2. Users will be able to to directly record episodes or seasons to their home DVR based on #hashtags in twitter or facebook. 

3. Trending shows, movies. live events etc that are been discussed in real time on social networks can how be remotely recorded from any connected device and viewed later.   

Business Model?

1. Most Cable and Satellite provide a DRV recording feature to users. Many have already created remote control TV planners that allow customers remotely record shows from a EPG.

2. "Watch it" will intergrate will already exsiting DRV API's and customers preffered social media company (FB. Twitter etc) to allow an intergration of service.

3. "Watch it" will sell this solution to cable companies who can use this method to drive usauage of theri service.


1. Human resources (developers, designer, sales, marketing)

Describe who your customer is and what the customer gets from doing business from you?

1. My customer is internaltional TV providers that wish to empower users to to leverage social media and find content specific to them. 

Whats Hard?

Selling the idea to cable operators that we require access to their DVR API.

Education of customer of the abilities of the product

Whats Unique? 

Traditionally TV shows were discussed by the water cooler, seen on papers or via your EPG. Whats unique about "Watch it" is that users can instantly record somwthing from what friends, communitiy and social media is talking about. no need to rememeber shows names, go home, find show and setup a recording.

How to repeat it?

The business model can be sold to any TV provider around the World. 

If you're an entrepreneur, write down how you will:

  • Relentlessly hire people to delegate work to

Hiring of development, sales, marketing resources will allow me to focus on extending the products vision. 

  • Give yourself a promotion so you are constantly doing work you're unable to hire anyone else to do

With all technical and design work hired for I can focus on building relationships and looking for other opportunities to grow the business. 

  • Build an organization that has the cash flow to permit you to do those two things...

 Require at least 3 / 4 customers before I could consider doing this. 

Do you need money for this business?

Does more money increase the chances you will reach positive cash flow? Profitability?

What are the assets the money will go to pay for?

How long before the money invested starts turning into money returned?

Do you hope to sell this company?


For how much?

What is the gross margin of what you'll be selling?

How long will it take you to reach scale?

Given all this, and what you learned in the video, what sort of funding are you seeking? Why would this investor choose your offering over all the others available?


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