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Wa-Theraphy :))

Watercolor always excited me, but at same time its very terrifying for me, because i have no patient for it , but lately i think i am ready for it, and this class really great practice for me, its relaxing and make me practice the stroke in a fun way. thank you ^^

and these are my texture thumbnail, as shown, my color dont blend well, haha, also im using a cake watercolor...i have it for a very long time, maybe after i finish it i'll buy a higher quality one.


and this is my texture, :)


Now onto next step... well i havent choose my animal yet :)), i hope it will finish this class practice  in couple more days^^

21 July 2016

So, i've decide to make Dragonfly..

here's my Dragonfly before texturing


and this is after,


i'm so happy i can make it... i am so proud :)) , thank you very much for such wonderful class.


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