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Hyung Moon

Founder, Wyse Threads





Founder: Hyung Moon

Brand Name: WYSE Threads

Location: VA, USA

Website: www.wysethreads.com

Instagram: Wysethreads



"Under the sky, under the heavens. There is but one family." - Bruce Lee

We wholeheartedly believe in our slogan as we have all thought long and deeply about our existence and why we feel the phenomenon of connections, love, and loyalty. Through negativity, war, and hate we have grown distant from our race. We are all human beings.

Nothing More, Nothing Less.



As morbid as it seems, a wise man once spoke.

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." - Horace Mann

I truly look to the future generation of entrepreneurs and influencers when creating ideas and designs. As I have spent years collecting wisdom and anecdotes from my own heritage, ancestors, mentors, and role models alike. So that one day my brand will be the inspiration or motivator to bring out the creativity and passion within a being as I have looked towards brand owners, philosophers, and creators in creating WYSE Threads. I selfishly only aim to inspire my own future children towards a path of lawlessness but if others catch on, I feel as though I would be unable to embody how proud I would be. As there is a saying in my culture that has been often used to describe my own father. He is a man who needs no law to do the right thing. I vow to anyone who supports my brand and anyone who eventually joins the team that what we do here under the WYSE name is a notion for scoring some victory for humanity.


(A4) Taglines:


The address of our Earth in the Universe. 


The tagline we use for a collection of tees released within a seasonal capsule. This idea originated from a sub-cultural social trend within South Korea's nightlife. A friend may announce at any time where the next round will take place to her/his group of friends. This can apply to bars, restaurants, street vendors, clubs, etc. As there are a plethora of establishments open 24 hours in South Korea, the most infamous nights typically last till 'sacha,' meaning 'fourth round.'a022a3b2Our Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the repetition in our design wishes to reiterate the importance of wanting to notice more of our world rather than wishing the world to notice more of us, individually.


About us:

Wyse Threads comes from a very simple concept as life is intended. People have lived on Earth for a millennial taking us to explorations as far as the wind, as deep as the oceans, as high as the mountains, and as extraordinary as the Moon. How much farther will we explore before we realize the importance of exploring our own human ancestry. 

As for the name, it is actually an acronym for some of the major currencies in our world. Won, the currency of South Korea, Yen, the currency of Japan, ($) Dollar, the currency of the United States of America, and Euro, the currency of the EU. The intention of creating a brand name utilizing the currency symbols of the world we inhabit is to take awareness of what we spend our money on. As our intentions are to use a majority of our profits to bring positive change to those that are less fortunate. We shamelessly believe it is a wise investment in purchasing anything within the brand as we take our mission seriously.

Near the genesis of this concept that eventually became the brand, WYSE. I contemplated long on the percentage of profits that would be donated towards the chosen charity. I ultimately decided on 51%, contrary to the advice I received from my father, mentor, and peers. Despite being aware of my ambitious goal and unorthodox business model I was aiming to take. I found undeniable comfort behind the idea of humanity. A romantic gesture and my commitment to offering that 1% towards others is my effort towards uniting the human race as one.

To retroactively justify my optimism, years after I decided on which charity I wanted to donate to. I did my research to ensure the charity I chose to support was fully committed to their cause and donated 100% of their proceeds like Charity: Water has. I stumbled upon a podcast almost a year ago which featured the founder of Charity: Water. He spoke of his troubled past, his deep realization within life, and how he created the biggest threat to the water crisis. I never knew much about the man behind the charity at that time but it only reaffirmed my judgement on his charity.

His stories echo what I aim to do with WYSE to the masses. That anyone, no matter who you are or where you come from, shaped by the polarizing environments that only pertain to cultures and sub-cultures within your radius neighboring many other radiuses.  When given the proposition to do great things, in fact brings people together. That continuous hum that randomly buzzes at the same frequency, time to time, from person to person. I attempt to track and tap into that frequency as best as I can in order to create a movement of my own.

(B2.) Mission Statement:

Wyse Threads' plan is to donate 51% of all profits to a charity doing amazing things all over the world. For our first goal, we are attempting to fund an entire freshwater well to those who need it in parts of Africa through Charity: Water. The project starts at a total of $10,000 to pay for equipment, materials, and teach the locals how to build these wells in their communities. Our Beta launch only scratched the surface, by showing your support we will move on to bigger collections to meet goals for more charities in the future. Follow us on social media to see our progress to our official launch, positive news in our world, and sneak peeks at what's to come for the future.

With our initial small Beta Launch, titled "bamsae," WYSE was able to donate $345 towards our goal. "밤새" translates to overnight in reference to the Sunset Tee. We look forward to reaching the fourth digit of our goal with our first volume dropping.

About me:

I am of South Korean descent born in Akron, Ohio in the year 1995, the year of the Golden Pig. I have had two close calls in my life that had forced me to look introspectively for the purpose of life. I remind myself if I had not been saved when I was 3, I would have never actualized who I am in this world or make the small group of lifelong friends I am proud to reciprocate my love towards. If I had not been saved when I was 16, I would have never traveled the world and seen the beautiful things the world has to offer, met the woman that I love, and most importantly taste all of the immense diversity of flavors that exists from culture to culture. There are a handful of experiences that make me who I am today and ultimately created the foundation to which I aim to build this brand upon. I hope to do my best in translating those experiences and thoughts into reality as I endlessly learn more about this business, myself, the world, and anything in between.





(D1.) Workshop Items:

Current collection:


 "baek" [noun]

Meaning the color white.

This mini volume represents the core thematic tones of the WYSE logo, Yin and Yang. I wanted to introduce the brand through simple and minimalistic logo tees each with a theme that tells a simple story. 

| T-shirts - $30 | Bomber jacket - $60 | 6-panel hat - $30 | 


Next collection:


Human Tee & Being Tee - $30

     The concept for this tee came from the idea of conducting a social contract. 

An implicit agreement among the members of a society to cooperate for social benefits.

     The (+) and (-) typography represents the duality of the positives and negatives that exist in our world. Anyone who purchases one of these two tees are inducted into a social contract to come together, hug a stranger, and complete that circuit. An innocent concept with intentions only to incite spontaneous conversations and potentially build a connection from clothing.


Core Tee & DNA Tee - $30

     The colors are inspired by the big value banknotes derived from the concept of the brand, WYSE.

     The Core Tee features those colors in a simple serif font embroidered on the front.

     The DNA Tee features the double helix model with the appropriate nucleotides that builds each and every one of us in the Core colorway. 


Love Tee - $36

A lot in life begins and ends with love. A bittersweet composition between two forces of life.


Neighborhood Watch Tee - $50

     Several interesting theories surround the origin of our moon. Supposedly, the Moon joined the Sun's orbit 4 and a half billion years ago. 


a social actor Tee - $30

     We are all social actors.






 a. Sunset Tee This histogram portrays the yearly increasing global average temperature of our planet for the last several decades. Titled "Sunset" due to how the gradient depicts the sinking sun.

b. Victory Tee - The Horace Mann quote is used to underly one of many purposes for life. The collage of life includes a chess board with a single egg. Dawned by woman and language.

c. Warp Logo Tee We are more than capable of great things within our lifetime. With enough humility, courage, and positivity - we can warp the very quality of existence for ourselves and others with simple words and actions. 

d. Wyse Flower Tee - The flower symbol represents the outcome of a common denominator of life and natural beauty that surrounds us. Water, which allow plants to grow and humans to prosper. 

e. First Round Tee - "일차" translates to "first round" in Korean which implies the beginning of an assemblage. 

f. College Tee - Our classic university logo design that represents our brand from a glance.



Workshop video:


I just wanted to take this space here at the end of my workshop to write my thanks to Jeff Staple, Jessicah McNavich and the team at Skillshare, Agenda Show, anybody else involved in making this opportunity a reality. I am super grateful towards this project not for the promised prospects but simply due to how it really got my lazy ass off of this weird kick i've been on for a year and some change. I was able to create some new designs, share small exchanges of support with other creatives, and ultimately left a lot more motivated than I was a month ago.

Much love from the East Coast,



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