WTF: A thought provoking journey of making the world a better place

It started with a college student in a dorm room, as often the story goes. He wondered, "WTF am I doing with my life?". Am I going to be a banker, a lawyer, or will I do something completely different. This is when he the WTF speech bubble became engraved into his mind. It grew to be much much more. That idea is now a brand named WearTheFund. It is both a screen-printing service and clothing brand that gives a large percentage of it's revenue to one or all of it's non-profit partners. There are 8 partners at this point in time. What they have done is turn an abrasive cultural remark into a positive mechanism of questioning the wrong in the world, and making an effort to make it right. Their mission is to, "Wear out apathy, one shirt at a time". 


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