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Earl 'Ego Wolf' Davis







My name is Earl 'Ego Wolf' Davis from out Jersey.  I started Wolf Juice as a blog on tumblr years ago and breifly opened a clothing store by the same name.  The clothing store was closed only because the neighbors kept calling the cops when I did promotions.  I don't have the money nor the time to deal with fines so I chose to gracefully bow out before they can legally shut me down and hender me from doing any further business in my city.  Since then we've been operating as nomads, doing showcase events around town that have been quite succesful.  Unfortunately the clothing has been suffering since the close and I am forced to concentrate on the Fall.  My initial plan is to do short runs and introduce new designs monthly, and when I say short I mean 20-50 pieces of a select product.  People love Wolf Juice for what we represent which is longevity through adversity, we push the hash tag #wolfjuiceisforever to represent that.  But despite the love the clothing for now isnt being purchased, our website is excellent, very eye pleasing and proffesional but it doesnt get the links we need to function.  I'm hoping that I can get some information to turn things around through this online class.  


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