WITH YOU I'M HOME - student project


➳ I ended up in photoshop. I decided to use some texture and tried different colors as well. 

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 1 - student project

➳ Here is the finished version, but I am still very open to critique and changes. I would love to hear what you guys think. Any suggestions for improvement?

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 2 - student project



➳  I started tracing in Illustrator:

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 3 - student project

➳ I vectorized the "I'm" with the width tool, which I defenitly need more practice, and I didn't really like the result. So, I tried diferent options. Here are some variations:WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 4 - student project

➳ And here is my final choice:

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 5 - student project

Any advice is appreciated!



Last year I moved to Europe with my husband. We moved to London. Later, to Portugal. Then we went back to London again. And now we are in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). We've had quite a few homes. So I decided to make my project about it. 'Cause it doesn't matter where you live, the important is who you are with. 

➳ Here is my first sketch:

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 6 - student project

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 7 - student project

➳ Ready to start the vector process: 

WITH YOU I'M HOME - image 8 - student project

In the next step I'm thinking about making the "with" smaller.