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Jodie Randisi

Unleashed Creative!




This image is the original Vintage Postcard that I used to make a coloring page in my Vintage Holiday Postcards Coloring Book for Adults & Curious Children. The entire image was larger and included my work in progress, a partially colored sketch of this postcard. I take several photos of my progression so I can pass along helpful coloring tips, as I have become the coloring guru in my community. 

WIP - Work In Progress. Is the chick (who may represent me or anyone) looking at the evidence of her auspicious beginnings? What thoughts could this chick be having in this moment? How come I'm not pink like the place from which I came? Was I adopted? Is it possible my beginning don't have an affect on how I turn out? This chick hasn't heard the cliche, so "which came first"can't interfer with any introspection. And it doesn't matter which came first. All this chick cares about is that is the recogniztion that we would do well to see ourselves as a WIP. 


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