[WIP] Natalie's Mindful Drawings

[WIP] Natalie's Mindful Drawings - student project

I've never been much of a doodler, but I've always wanted to get better at drawing to express myself. So here goes nothing, and if anything, I'll find some peace of mind :')

**I'll be updating this day by day.


Day 1: Today, I had a particularly difficult job interview for a job that I've been building up in my head to the point where I've fantasized my new life with this job at its core. Needless to say, after today's interview, I have been filled with negative thoughts and emotions despite the reassurances given to me by my family and friends, and myself. I thought that maybe putting my loudest thoughts down on paper for today's prompt would be the best way to channel them and maybe discover peace within my own head. Rather than have them battle it out inside my head, I would let my emotions battle it out on paper so that I could finish, close up my notebook, and let them go. Because there's no use in getting hung up on things you can't change, am I right?

[WIP] Natalie's Mindful Drawings - image 1 - student project 


Day 2: Quarantine gave me lots of time for introspection, as I'm sure it did everyone, and something that I really had a hard time shaking off was the idea that because of social distancing and isolation, I wouldn't be able to maintain the same connections I had had up to this point with my friends. As an extrovert and recent college grad who had been constantly surrounded by friends, this concept was heartbreaking; and as an over-thinker who relies on those same friends to stay sane, this idea was debilitating. I couldn't sleep at night because I was consumed by irrational fears and negative thoughts. But I finally realized that the level of connection I felt with my friends was still within my control. I just had to make an effort to reach out and maintain those connections. I learned just how precious friendship was and also how fleeting it could be, but that this impermanence was natural and that the peak of each friendship was something to be cherished rather than clung onto like a lifeline. Everyone follows their own path in life, and sometimes they diverge, but if they are meant to meet again, they will.

[WIP] Natalie's Mindful Drawings - image 2 - student project


Day 3: I am a HUGE nerd for finding the best pens and stationary for all my note-taking needs. My favorite thing to do on my trips to South Korea to visit my family (other than eating all the amazing food and hanging out with my cousins) is making a trip to Downtown Daegu's Hottracks, a HUGE stationary store with everything you could possibly want. It used to be like my heaven on Earth if I'm being honest. So here are some of my most precious findings of the tools that let me express myself :)

[WIP] Natalie's Mindful Drawings - image 3 - student project