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Calvin Chin

Creative Director



WINGLING - Octo's Life

My artist name is Wingling so I decided to name my toy line after my artist name.

This toy range however, is be based on a comic I came up with 10 years ago while I was in highschool. It's called 'Octo's Life' created from people around me (brother, cousins, friends). There are 4 characters in the comic - octopus called Octo / turtle called Shell / eel called Ele / crab called Crabby (unfortunately wasn't very creative with the names!).

Anyways these 4 characters interact with each other in different situations, I will upload a screen shot of the comic later this week.

My mood board is based off the characters and their personalities. My inspiration for the future of the toys is from current pop culture cartoons. I watch a lot of Cartoon Network so cartoons like 'Adventure Time' and 'Gumball' have made a huge impact in my design.

So here's my mood board below!


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