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Carmina Soler

Illustrator & Animator



WIN a Light Table with "Your Lettering in Motion" class


Last Friday I published my first class "Your Lettering in Motion". 

So far I have shared a free link through Facebook and Twitter and I emailed it to friends and family.

Now I'm working in my second class "DIY Light Table: Create your own in few simple steps"

I have the idea of GIVE AWAY the Light Table that I create for the class as a contest for the class "Your Lettering in Motion". So to be elegible to win the light table students will have to create a project and upload the first 4 deliverables for the animation class.

I hope students get excited about the possiblity of winning a light table!

You can ENROLL for free here.

I just posted the contest to WIN a light table in my class! I hope it helps to engage the students to start the project : )



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