WHERE IS GRANDMA? - student project

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WHERE IS GRANDMA? - image 1 - student project

Hope you enjoy the script and I welcome as many comments as you like. They will be helpful.

This is not the Script....

Where is Grandma?-

This is the story of a young, knowing child , Almi, (6,F) who is seen next to her grandmother's bed as they gently and slowly say their last goodbye, in the middle of a family gathering. There are no tears or fear, just a holding of hands and a smile. The grandmother has told Almi she will let her know where she will BE.  That night, Almi dreams that she is floating among the clouds and a fat, smiley old man with a black round hat and a tuxedo, comes to greet her.  Dough asks her if she wants to know where her grandmother Aba is. They fly to a nearby planet where everything is lights and movement and Abi is a child, having fun and laughing with the rest of the kids. Dogh gives Almi  the coordinates of the exact place of the planet. Waking up, she writes the coordinates in a piece of paper and goes peacefully  back to sleep. While sleeping, scenes of memories shared with Aba, flyby: cooking, visiting the wooden house in the country and planting and feeding the animals, talking mentally to each other through the heart medallions in their necks, singing and reading stories, playing imaginary games, finding animals in the clouds, trips to the beach and playing with sandcastles, drawing and painting together, hugging and kissing.

Years fly by and Almi suddenly remembers she has the coordinates to visit again Abi. She looks for the piece of paper and it is gone. After much looking and anguish, she remembers the heart medallion and holds it close to her chest, asking her Abi for the coordinates. That night, she dreams again with Dough who comes to greet her and takes her through a tunnel, to the PINK PLANET.  Everything was pink and Abi was waiting for her. You now see them hugging kissing dancing,laughing, playing and enjoying themselves, while eating a huge pink ice cream. 

Almi wakes up the  next morning, full of joy and kisses her mother good morning. Before she can say anything her mother, tells Almi she is going to have a baby sister to care for and to play. Almi is so happy with the news!

In the next scene, Almi is playing with her sister, at her six year old birthday party. They are  sharing a secret. The day of her birth was exactly the numbers of the coordinates that Grandma Abi had given her.  Her Abi had come back to play with her, and they both knew. They take a photo of the sisters and the picture of Abi is behind, were you can see the resemblance of the sister and Abi. 

                                                                           The End

Eileen Colberg