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Irwan Cornelius

Creative Director at PlayPause




Name: Irwan Cornelius

Location: Singapore, South East Asia


Slogan: Honour Above Victory

Mission statement:

WHEN WEEKEND COMES (WWC) is an independent lifestyle label that draws inspiration from the fiery passion and the vibrancy of football (soccer) fans that lives & breathes the beautiful game and will provide quality products that supplements the lifestyle. 


WHEN WEEKEND COMES, or WWC for short, borns out from my idea to marry streetwear and football (or soccer if you prefer).

Why football, you may ask? Well, why not? Football is the world's number 1 sport right now and even in countries where it is not traditionally a prominent sport like the United States and India, it is fast growing. Nearly 3 billion people worldwide either watches it or plays it recreationally.

It is also because I personally love and play the sport myself and it's only natural for me to develop on an idea that I know the subject deeply myself. I wasn't a skater so a skate brand is out. And original hip-hop culture is almost non-existent here in Singapore as most of the hip-hop culture here borrows heavily from the States so that's out. But football is practically everywhere here. Boys playing street soccer at void decks. The elderly gathering at the coffeeshops to watch the EPL (English Premier League) matches. The nation coming together when our national team plays our traditional rivals. Football is practically sewn into the fabric of our society.

This will not be a first. The Hundreds had a collection during the last European Championships. FUBU had the idea but didn't run along with it. WHEN WEEKEND COMES will aspire to be the first 'true' 'football-streetwear' brand. In stealing the words of Mr O'Brien, Ugly Tribe's (Australian arm of FUBU),

"We are coming into the fashion side of soccer, trying to hit the market for young people and adults who might want to watch their team but wear something fashionable and stylish to the game, not a soccer shirt."

The brand is also for the recreational football players who will don the brand as they make their way to their matches and change out into after the game.

Why the name 'WHEN WEEKEND COMES'?

Because the weekends is what we football fans look forward to. When we can either play the game with our mates or head down to the stadiums or pubs to catch the matches.

Slogan defined:

- Honour Above Victory -

Like in any other sports, victory is important in football but at WHEN WEEKEND COMES, to act honourably in victory or in defeat is much much more important. To play fair. This applies in life as well. 

Official Wordmark Logo:

The wordmark was derived after a few sketches that I played around to get a logo going. I always try to stay away from just typing out fonts in doing logos and try to stylize it as much as I can.

The 'skeleton' font of the logo I used is 'Langdon', a commercial-free font. From there I stylized it with joint letterings. The stylized 'EE' came by accident. Sometimes good things happen out of accidents and the 'EE' is one of them.

A logo study on how the WHENWEEKENDCOMES wordmark stand against other leading streetwear logos

The wordmark in different scale

Official Icon:

The icon is a double E with one of them being inverted. The two forms a simplified birde-eye view of a football pitch with the addition of a centre circle. This fits in perfectly with the theme and identity of the brand.

The icon in scale

Logos in Application:


- To Be Continued -

+Images of Collection CADs 

+Image of branded "Car" extra credit deliverable.

+Process work, "About" your brand info, etc


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