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WHAT is My Cat Going On About This Time?

I decided to go with "loud" and when thinking about things that are loud, one of the things I thought about is my cat, Sashimi. She never shuts up! If she's not sleeping, she's chattering at me, I and I found myself wondering, what could a cat possibly have so much to say about?

That became my concept and I've been brainstorming and sketching some of the things I think Sashimi might be saying when she carries on.

The drawing with the large cat face in the corner (above) is my layout concept: the cat conversation topics and phrases will "radiate" (I'm not sure of the official design word) from her head.

She loves to play fetch with soda bottle caps, but I thought that drawings of those might be confusing, which is why I included the phrase "play fetch!"

The other drawing (above) has some (very slightly more) detailed sketches of some of the topics. The food bowls are shown mostly empty because the idea is that she's complaining that her food bowl isn't full. She loves peanut butter, so the peanut butter jar has to be included. 

Update 9/12

I've decided on my color scheme. Here's a link to it on Kuler: 


Here's what it looks like:


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