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A little luck goes a long way – so "BRAVO!" for all of us giving this crazy “Creative Small Business” class a go. 

My story

I’m using this Skillshare course as a catalyst to finally start a missing component to my freelance business. A designer by trade, an activist and social practice artists and designer by heart, I am often self-promoting, marketing and soliciting new clients through my work. I don’t yet have an outlet to post my projects, interesting projects I come across online, or a place to post my research/in-progress work etc.

My project

resiliency – the blog.

This sharing platform is an extension of my interests and passions – it is a platform that will host a variety of medium that I find interesting, useful, and pertinent to my social practice field.

This blog is an extension of my freelance practice, a place to not only get the word out about what I am working on, but a place where I can share the amazing work of others in my field as it relates to the world of transdisciplinary design.

As a freelance and contract-for-hire designer I am constantly looking for neat projects and ways to share those neat projects, pre-, during-, and post-completion.

I come across many amazing projects along the way and want a place to share these inspirational pieces.

I want to use this blog to feature my own work and the work of others in my field

I would like to see this blog become a resource for artists, activists and designers looking for projects in the social and transdisciplinary fields.

Goals from this course:

  • Set up a blog,
  • Set up a blog routine, and online creative outlet/sharing resource
  • Start using twitter for my own business + creative endeavours.

Weekly Goals:

  • 1-2 original blog posts/week
  • 1-2 reposts of existing content aka cool internet finds
  • x5 tweets/day
  • x5-10 retweets of existing content
  • 2 photos/week of current or in-progress work

Big Picture Goals:

  • Contribute to the field of social practice art + design
  • Amass a body of research and project-based outcomes
  • Make connections with other designers through blog features
  • Get credit for my work through online publishing/validation
  • Merge my creative practice with my business practice

Thanks so much for reading – I would love your feedback and your thoughts!

a little more about me

My partner and I have started a company called RSLNCY - we are creatives who do freelance and contract project work for "good" companies. We have a solid ethos from which we don't deviate, that means that sometimes, despite lucrative offers from big companies or opportunities - we don't work or do creative work for other companies unless their ethos matches our own.

Think of us (of me) as a Community Designer. I do good work for good people, real people, real projects, likely work that will hopefully benefit or inspire you. You can see some of my work and ethos on my personal website www.samanthalefort.com

Our landing page for our company is www.RSLNCY.com and we're working on it.

We hope to have this website up and running soon. The blog I am creating for this class will live under the RSLNCY umbrella >> a catch-all for all the internet awesomeness that I find, and also a platform for us to show our in-progress work.


You can see my Go MIghty Goal for this project here:



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